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student programs - residencies

Dr. Woodson's extended programs for the whole school or selected grades bring the following:

  • Opening assembly - based on the needs of the school
  • Instrument-making workshops - for each grade or select grades
  • Culmination assembly - where all students play their instruments
  • Residency lasting from 1 to 5 days or more
  • Teacher in-service
  • Potential discounts for larger residencies

For a detailed residency description download this two page PDF.


The residency begins with an opening assembly chosen from one of Dr. Woodson's five assemblies. It is possible to design an assembly based on the needs of the school.Refer to Student Programs - Assemblies for more details regarding these events.


Each grade level makes a different instrument and all tools and material are supplied by Dr. Woodson. Each workshop would have between 30 and 60 students; best if the same grade or adjacent grades. Refer to Student Programs - Workshops for more details regarding these events.

At the end of the residency, students come together bringing their newly built instruments and participate as an audience orchestra, or 'Audestra.' In this event, each instrument is shown to the group since all grades made different instruments. Dr. Woodson shows some exciting extensions of these ideas to the delight of the students and teachers. Student volunteers come to the front in a talk show format for brief interview then hold up note cards for the audestra to perform as Dr. Woodson leads the group in a fun-filled finish.

Examples of these residences are as follows:

  1. One day for 150 students
    Opening Assembly
    3 student workshops with 50 students each
  2. Two to three days for 300 students
    Open assembly
    6 student workshops with 50 students each
    Culmination assembly
  3. Three to Four days for 400 students
    Opening assembly
    10 student workshops with 50 students each
    Culmination assembly

These are just examples and typically a residency has to be designed for the particular needs of a school.

The residence can be designed around a theme. For example, some past themes have been as follows:

  • Musical instruments around the world
  • How to be creative with recycled materials
  • The science of sound
  • The world is made of many musical cultures

The cost of a residency can be calculated by adding up the prices for each event. Travel to locations outside of northeast Ohio might require transportation fees including overnight stays and possible shipping.

For example:
$3500.00 for a three to four-day residency with 400 students for assemblies, workshops, and materials.

For information contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767

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