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Student programs - aftercare

Dr. Woodson's programs are available as an Aftercare activity in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area, and can include:

  • Hands-on instrument making and playing to build manipulative skills
  • Composing and performing using a simple box notation
  • Improvising for self-expression
  • Conducting others in the group to develop leadership skills
  • Drum circles for team building
  • Once or twice a month at the end of a school day
  • Engaging activities for up to 60 K-6 students at a time
  • Can last 1 to 2 hours depending on the needs and budget of the school


The instruments come from a large collection of his designs and include some of his many 'composites' like his 'Drumpet,' a combination of 5 different sounds. All instrument materials are provided by Dr. Woodson and prepared in such a way as to be successful for all elementary ages. Past instruments have included:

  • Shaker cup and friction drum
  • Violin, horn, & drum
  • Xylophone on foam frame
  • Harp with coat hanger
  • Steel drum with tin can with 3 notes
  • Drum and trumpet, a Drumpet
  • Drum with tin can with one drumhead
  • Santur a dulcimer with 5 strings
  • Percussion tubes and pan pipes
  • Lakota drum with handle
  • Box guitar with 2 strings
  • Drumbone - a trombone and drum
  • Kalimba - see photo

When appropriate, he brings his unique Remo Sound Shape drums with Handle-Leg Connectors, his invention for making drum sets. Here each student gets a chance to construct a small drum set for a closing drum circle.

Dr. Woodson has over 30 years of presenting workshops for young people, and adapts his entertaining, student-friendly ideas to the aftercare community. He has been presenting Aftercare workshops at a local Beachwood, Ohio school since 2007.

One 60-minute instrument-making workshop for around 50 students is $175. A 90-minute workshop is $225.00.

The materials, all supplied by Dr. Woodson, range from $2.50 to $3.00 per student. If the workshop is within 20 miles of Chagrin Falls, Ohio there is no mileage fee: outside that area there is an additional $0.50 per mile each direction.

For information contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767

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