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drumming - senior sessions

An experienced drum circle facilitator, Dr. Woodson presents Drum Circles also called Interactive Drumming to a wide variety of senior communities. No drumming skills are required to participate in this activity. As a certified Health Rhythms facilitator and student of Arthur Hull, Dr. Woodson's engaging techniques assist with many needs of the senior community:

  • Improved social contact
  • Physical exercise
  • Learning new skills
  • Enjoyable hands-on activities
  • Improved immune system

For these events, Dr. Woodson brings many types of percussion instruments including African drums and percussion, along with other world percussion. The drumming can be kept very quiet with the new Remo Not-So-Loud (NSL) drums, or move to a higher volume depending on the wishes of the sponsor. Ear protection is provided for sensitive ears.

The five sections of the drum circle include:

  • Djembes, congas, and other hand drums
  • Bass drums like djundjuns and Bahia bass drums
  • Shakers, including tambourines
  • Bells like cowbell, gogo, and gangokui
  • Wood sounds like claves and wood blocks

Often using the science-based Health Rhythms protocol, Dr. Woodson takes the group into the joy of drumming, expressing our natural rhythms in the context of a group dynamic. Among the many benefits are an improved immune system, learning to interact non-verbally with others through an art form, leadership training, self-expression and finding one's own creativity.

The typical event lasts one hour but can go longer or shorter depending on the needs of the organization.


$225 for 25 participants
$325.00 for a group of up to 45
$500.00 for a group of around 100

Larger groups can be easily accommodated and will be priced per event.

For information contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767

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