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drumming - african drumming

With a large collection of authentic percussion instruments from West Africa, Dr. Woodson teaches beginning to advanced students how to play the complex techniques and intricate polyrhythms so common in this culture.

Some important types of drumming include Adowa from Ghana and Doundoumba from Guinea. Students will learn both the supporting parts and master drum patterns. If there is interest, authentic talking drum rhythms can be learned as well.

Included in these lessons is the chance to make and take simple African instruments including the kalimba, or 'thumb piano', and a talking drum like the dondo from Ghana.

These lessons can be private or in groups from 2 to 20.

Lessons at his studio in Chagrin Falls, Ohio are:

$25.00 for a half hour
$35.00 for forty-five minutes
$45.00 for sixty minutes

Lessons at the home depend on the location.

Group lessons will be discounted depending on the size of the group.

For information contact Dr. Craig Woodson at 440-725-8767.

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