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In 1995, Dr. Woodson was introduced to David Harrington, founder, director and first violinist with the Kronos Quartet, beginning a long musical relationship of performing play-along concerts. Several of these events were sponsored by BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York public schools, and the United Nations International School. Subsequently Woodson and Kronos performed these innovative play-along concerts in Germany, England and Denmark. Most recently Dr. Woodson performed with Kronos at Carnegie Hall.

Compositions for play-along concerts with Kronos Quartet have included:

  • "Powerhouse" by Raymond Scott (arranged for Kronos)
  • "Spectre" by John Oswald (written for Kronos)
  • "Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky (arranged for Kronos)

A typical program is in five parts:

  1. Dr. Woodson leads young people through instrument building, with materials provided to them.
  2. Students put their instruments away and Kronos comes on stage, and performs several contemporary works.
  3. Dr. Woodson returns, makes a drum on stage, and plays along with the Quartet on one selection.
  4. Students take out their instruments and play along with the Quartet on two selections conducted by Dr. Woodson.
  5. Five students are invited to the stage to ask the quartet a few questions, ending the program.


Concerts have been performed with the following organizations:

1997 Kronos Quartet Royce Hall, U.C.L.A.
1998 Kronos Quartet Brooklyn Academy of Music
1998 Kronos Quartet Royal Festival Hall, London, England
1998 Kronos Quartet Royce Hall, U.C.L.A.
2007 Kronos Quartet - San Francisco school
2008 Kronos Quartet - Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall (see Recent Concert below)

2011 Kronos Quartet - Glasgow Life, Glasgow, Scotland (see below)

In December 2008, Dr. Woodson performed with the Kronos Quartet at Carnegie Hall's Zankel Hall to a family audience of 600. After making the 'Drumpet,' parents and children played along with Kronos on two compositions. This particular concert was preceded by a presentation of Dr. Woodson's assembly 'A World Orchestra You Can Build' to support the concert's theme of music from around the world.

On May 15, 2011, Dr. Woodson performed his play-along concert with the Kronos Quartet as a part of Glasgow Life in Glasgow, Scotland. Part of the experience included a family workshop that he presented on world music and instrument making.

To inquire about his play-along concerts, contact Dr. Woodson directly at 440-725-8767.

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