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"World Orchestra You Can Build" at
Furry Elementary, Sandusky, OH

    The Firelands Symphony Orchestra, through its educational outreach program, was able to bring a special guest to Furry Elementary. Dr. Craig Woodson of Ethnomusic, Inc. showed the students the wide variety of instruments that exist all over the world, and how they can make their own instruments from objects that they may have at home.

    Dr. Woodson Assembly and Workshop
    with UCLA’s Design for Sharing

    Dr. Craig Woodson describes his long-term relationship with UCLA’s Design for Sharing program.


    2016: Honduras and Ecuador
    UNICEF and Playing for Change

    In August 2016, Dr. Woodson was invited to bring drumming, drum circles and drum making to Honduras and Ecuador for UNICEF, arranged by Playing for Change, an international organization for building peace through music. His work in Honduras was with young people from broken families and in Ecuador he worked with Earthquake victims. In Honduras, his work was through the UNICEF Arts Center, COMVIDA. In Ecuador, Dr. Woodson worked with the well-known local Reggae band, Cocoa Roots seen in the videos. Below are videos about these projects.

    UNICEF/Playing for Change Student
    Interviews in Chamanga, Ecuador

    UNICEF/ Playing for Change//Woodson in Chamanga, Ecuador: Earthquake Stories, Drumming, Students Rap Song 'Ahora, Soy Feliz"

    UNICEF/ Playing for Change/ Woodson in Tegucigalpa,
    Honduras: Drumming with broken families, song "Oye"

    2009-2010: Iraq For Kurdistan
    Save the Children

    Dr. Woodson’s two visits to Iraq with music
    therapist, Christine Stevens


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Watch Dr. Woodson’s videos on making three simple percussion instruments: a can drum, shaker/cowbell, and a paint paddle xylophone.


Dr. Woodson's World Drumming For
All Ages Curriculum, go to the
Roots of Rhythm

16 instruments and rhythms from five world cultures, audio tracks, instrument making, and teacher resources.


Drums of Humanity a 501(c)(3)
For Dr. Woodson’s non-profit go to and on Facebook

  1. Black White Woodson Family Reconciliation
  2. Alfred Benjamin Documentary
  3. Drumming with Military Veterans


United Nations Compendium
Dr. Woodson's UN listing in 'Music as a Global Resource' (see pages 84, 178, and 195, as of April 2018) go to 'Compendium' at

  1. World Drumming for General Music Classrooms: Roots of Rhythm Project
  2. Ecuador, Honduras, Iraq, Java, United States: Drums of Humanity: Drumming for Reconciliation, Surviving Trauma and Recovery


See Dr. Woodson lead ROR bongo drumming
ROR Teacher Workshop in
House of Blues, Dallas, Texas 2010.


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